Amchara Group Cleanse Retreat
to Jun 23

Amchara Group Cleanse Retreat

Come join us for the June 2019 Group Cleanse. It is so much more do-able, fun, refreshing and dare I say ‘life-changing’ when cleansing in a group. So much laughter, sharing and comradeship.

Dates – from June 13th.   I will be staying until June 23rd

I invite clients to come along for a stay of between 4 and 10 nights dependant on your time-scales, budget and enthusiasm for cleansing.

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Anti-Ageing Wellbeing Workshop
8:00 PM20:00

Anti-Ageing Wellbeing Workshop

Why do we age and can we slow the process down? A fascinating topic as we are all heading in that direction – if we are lucky! Wrinkles, stiff joints and grey hairs; it’s all happening but at what pace? Nutrition tips, recipes, tea and cake … an interesting evening to be had!

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Summer Wellbeing Workshops
to Aug 17

Summer Wellbeing Workshops

Throughout the summer months I will be offering healthy food and living inspiration to companies in-house over lunch or longer food prep sessions.

The Superfoods Lunch-time workshop at Matches Fashion in The Shard was a wonderful way to begin this project. We discussed 6 different superfoods, considered whether this term is all about hype and fashion or is the research more factually based. Discussion continued on how these foods can be used to counteract stress, ageing skin and poor immunity. Can plant-based foods in fact increase longevity levels?

With the shocking fact that 12.5 million working days in the UK were lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2016/17, well-being inspiration is a great investment.

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to May 15

Rejuvenate Cleanse Gozo May 2018

I'm taking a group over to Amchara Gozo next May for a 5 day cleanse.

Dates - Thursday May 10th- Tuesday May 15th. Book early as spaces are limited and it could well be a life-changing experience.

I'm still feeling the Amchara buzz even after 2 weeks!...

Please read the costs below, consider this time and money well spent on your self-rejuvenation. How often do we take time out for ourselves?

If you would like to book please let me know via email so I can refer you to Amchara and answer any questions you may have.

Costs include two yoga sessions per day, meditation, aqua aerobics, use of spa facilities, daily health talks, daily walks, use of mountain bikes and your initial health screening by myself.

There is no pressure to do all or any of the activities and your own space is well respected.

Cost per person - 5 night stay

£965 (based on 2 sharing a room), £1340 (single occupancy)

Executive suite £1105 (sharing), £1675 (single)

 Daily juices and health shots

Daily juices and health shots

Includes accommodation for 5 nights, plus your juices, smoothies, broths and soups. The accommodation is a one bedroom apartment with kitchen, bathroom and sitting area. Ours had 2 balconies, one looking over the amazing pool, the other out onto fields with the sun setting over the coast line.


Additional costs:
1. Flights approx £180 return though could well be cheaper if booked early. I can put you in touch with a travel agent to arrange this if you prefer.
2. Transfers - 30 euros per journey when cab is shared, Amchara organise this, its fun - involves being collected from the airport in Malta, cab to ferry, 20 minute ferry crossing, cab to the retreat
50 euros if going alone
3. Any additional food costs - so if you decide that, for example, you need to eat a raw food meals rather than juicing then this can be arranged and then paid for when leaving

What are the benefits and what is involved? The Amchara Gozo experience is all about resetting your health button. Dining on health promoting juices at 9 am, midday, 3 pm and then a dinner of broth or soup allows great rejuvenation of the mind and body. We are taken away from the stressors and indulgencies of modern living and immersed in a wonderfully healthy environment. You will optimise the experience by spending a 2 week period beforehand winding down the stimulants which often keep us going in our fast paced lives. When you book the 5 day retreat I will advise on this process so you are fully equipped for this incredible health venture.

 Rejuvenate in the perfect setting

Rejuvenate in the perfect setting

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to Jan 31

Rejuvenate Online Cleanse January 2018

green smoothie.jpg

Rejuvenate in January

Health kicks started in the New Year are a fabulous idea to establish some nourishing behaviour for the next 12 months. Unfortunately they often fail and usually because of a lack of support.

In the past my cleanses have worked as they are all about cleansing in a group. This year, I've set up an online Rejuvenate Cleanse group which can be joined via Facebook. What to expect? A month of following a balanced, 'no hunger allowed' approach to healthy living. Recipes will be posted daily, questions answered and common issues can be talked through (such as how to feed the kids when you are following your own cleanse protocol).

The aim is to spring into 2018 with boundless energy, a greater level of calm and a healthier approach to looking after ourselves.

The cost is £30 for the month. Please get in touch via email to join this Facebook page -


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7:00 PM19:00

Longevity Cookery Workshop

The Longevity Workshops of 2016 explored not only the best types of food to eat to maximise our potential for long life, but reached beyond nutrition into the regions of social interaction, the human need for validation, community spirit, the value of group exercise, faith and spirituality.

This year we will be continuing with our thoughts on this popular topic whilst putting nutrition knowledge into action. Belle Amatt, Nutrition Consultant will be creating a supper in the kitchens of Torch Trust, based on some of the health promoting foods we discussed last year. We will then sit down to eat and chew over our theories on Longevity in the lovely Torch conservatory.

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2:00 PM14:00

Longevity Nutrition

How can we live to 100, and more vitally, how can we live ‘well’ to 100 (and beyond)? This very question is the drive behind my current workshop ‘Longevity Nutrition’. 

During the workshop we will explore the ‘Blue Zones’ of the world, these being the areas in which populations live well into old age. I focus on Okinawa, one of the larger islands which form an archipelago off Japan. Amongst the inhabitants of Okinawa, can be found the largest number of centenarians in the world. Fascinated by the reasons behind such great longevity and health statistics (examples include dramatically reduced incidents of heart attacks and breast/prostate cancer compared to western countries), I have read widely on the topic and collated information to offer participants with the aim of allowing us to take on-board some of the nutritional, cultural and social aspects of their lifestyle.

We will discuss this fascinating topic whilst drinking turmeric tea and enjoying sweet potato brownies. My aim is for participants to leave with some practical health giving tips and recipes which they can easily slot into their lives.

Location The Sussex Osteopath and Complementary Health Clinic, 135-137 High Street, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex

Cost £10, booking essential as spaces limited. Please email to book.

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to May 19

Superfood Cleanse

It’s been a little while since the last cleanse as I’ve been involved in other nutrition projects, but now I’m pushing forward with the very clear aim of boosting the wellbeing of women who often – whilst focussing on looking after others and spinning many plates – forget to look after themselves. Self- care starts to slip:  we often fall into bad habits with food and drink, get a bit lapse with exercise or we may over-exercise, possibly we sleep badly due to too much caffeine/sugar- our well-being can easily fall by the way-side.

I’m very excited to have been invited onto a cleanse retreat abroad in late May.  It’s going to be a gorgeous week of simple foods, sun-bathing, yoga, net-working, relaxation …. And I’ll be presenting my Longevity Workshop there too.

The aim is that next time I go I’d like to take some regular cleanser participants  with me and I’ll talk through how this will work at the first cleanse meet.

For this week in May – 11th – 19th – I’m inviting you to come along and join me for a cleansing week of delicious eating with a focus on Superfoods. This is one of my lecture topics for The College of Naturopathic Medicine which I presented earlier this month. I took along with me a great range of Superfoods from the awesome Acai berry, to Cacao, Chlorella, Lucuma and Maca to the more traditional turmeric, blueberries and tomatoes. We discussed the various uses of these which include supporting detoxification, improving skin quality and boosting energy levels.

During the first session I will be matching up clients’ signs and symptoms to a relevant superfood which can then be used throughout the weeks cleansing along with a week of superfood recipes. These will be practical and simple to include into the food plan. 3 meals per day is a must – Hunger is not allowed!!

We will be trying lots of shots and smoothie tasters of a variety of superfood blends and discussing why they are a useful. Clients will then follow a 7 day food plan. Support will be provided by a closed Facebook Group page for posting of recipes and advice. I’ll be posting daily.

Daily exercise is encouraged and this FB page can be used to organise meet ups for this purpose.

We will meet on Friday 19th May to discuss results and to consider how we can keep some cleanse principles in our daily routine.

Both meet ups will take place at The Sussex Osteopath and Complementary health Clinic, Hurstpierpoint

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2:00 PM14:00

Longevity Nutrition Workshop

  • Sussex Osteopath and Complementary Health Clinic (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Sussex Osteopath and Complementary Health Clinic, High Street, Hurstpierpoint, BN6 9PU

Saturday 24th September

2-4pm and 5-7 pm, there are two workshops running, the first is sold out.

£5, includes longevity cake!

2016 will be remembered as the year we lost a host of celebrities too young. Yet there are many examples such as the Queen of people living healthy and active lives well into their 90s. How can you ensure your lifestyle will give you the best chance of living longer?  This workshop will explore not only the best types of food to eat but also look at other factors such as staying physically and mentally active and how your outlook on life can affect your longevity. This workshop is not just for those approaching old age but for anyone with a sense of their own mortality!

Hosted by Belle Amatt, registered Nutrition Consultant and lecturer of Naturopathic Nutrition

These 2 workshops are part of Hurst Festival so please book at

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10:00 AM10:00

Taste Explorers

Village Centre, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex

Saturday 17th September

10-12 pm

Age 6-12, Max 12 kids accompanied by parent(s)

£6 per child


A workshop aimed at encouraging kids to be more experimental with new foods, textures of food and food combinations. The twist is that we explore foods by using all of our senses. There is NO obligation to taste anything, only to consider how they smell, feel and look. Tasting is purely optional and becomes much more appealing through play.

Turn your fussy kids into taste explorers and be prepared to go on a journey of food exploration with your children. Warning, things could get a little messy!

Please note that children must stay on the premises throughout, you may come in handy for taste

This event is part of Hurst Festival. To book please visit

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to May 18

The Mindful May Cleanse

This cleanse is about Mindful eating, nourishing ourselves with fine superfoods whilst ditching the less wholesome elements for a 2 week period. We will meet in a barn location on Hurstpierpoint High St to discuss the cleanse principles and to sample delicious food and super-food drinks. 

Yoga – included in the cleanse is a yoga session with Andrea Jackson in her fabulous yoga studio located near Hurst College, this will take place on Weds 11th May (evening class – 7-8 pm), max 12 per class

 This is a great social opportunity to become inspired about healthy living within a supportive group experience

 On-going support is provided through the ‘Friends Cleanse Sharing Page’ which is a SECRET Facebook page useful for sharing recipes, motivational tips and supportive comments.


Hosted by Belle Amatt, registered Nutrition Consultant, BSc Nutritional Medicine

 Cost -£65       There is an EARLY BIRD price of £60 if paid before April 11th

 Testimonial from the January Cleanse 2016

" eyes feel clean from the inside!!!!"... (Anne, West Sussex)

To sign up or for further info please fill out the form below:

Name *
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