Christmas Chutney Making

A favourite moment of the lead up to Christmas has been making festive fare with the kids. Teaching them how to be fluid, creative, intuitive and generally OK with all types of food. Here we chopped onions without the worry of runny eyes (goggles helped), 


.....joyfully poured 250 g of sugar into a pot of gently cooking onions and tomatoes without the worry of high sugar content, shook in some chilli and watched the mixture bubble away happily.


500 g mixed onions, red and white

1 kg cherry tomatoes

6 garlic cloves crushed

1 tablespoon fresh ginger (grated)

250 g brown sugar

150 ml of white wine vinegar

15 cardamom seeds

1/2 teaspoon of smoked paprika, 1/4 teaspoon chilli flakes

Boil for one hour with no lid, keep an eye on this, the consistency should be jam-like, when cool spoon into jars which have been sterilized, should keep for around 4 weeks




We waited for it all to cool then scooped into jars, licking fingers along the way.

 Home-made Christmas Chutney

Home-made Christmas Chutney

We made cheesy biscuits which resembled shortbread (but without the sweetness) with heaps of butter and cheddar cheese. Traditional Christmas cooking.

Xmas foodie feed.jpg

Lots of laughter and lessons that life's not all about quinoa and sprouted seeds. It's about balance, calm, fun and sharing. Merry Christmas!


Cleanse days 6 & 7 Amchara Gozo

Love it all, lapping up the healthy living in every way possible. Started the day yesterday with a restorative yoga session then breakfasted on chia pudding. 

 Yoga studio

Yoga studio


Every day I've woken around 6 am but it's got earlier each day. I can't sleep. There's a morning call from the rising sun to get going as each day is precious.

 Personalised juices and shots

Personalised juices and shots


My energy is still boundless. Today began with a coastal bike ride before collapsing in the 8 am morning gentle rays of the sun.

 Gozo colour

Gozo colour


Amchara provide health talks each day. Yesterday I presented my Longevity workshop in which we explored The Okinawa phenomenon of having the highest number of centenarians. I'll be blogging on this later in the week as the group are keen to use the turmeric and sweet potato recipes discussed. I made fresh turmeric tea which was well received (nice change from juices).

This place is magical ... it's 3 pm I'm off for my juice. More later ...