“Nothing feels as good as feeling good”

We don't need a life time of exclusion diets or food restriction to enable that great feeling of wellness and vitality.  I believe that what we need most of all is balanced and intuitive eating which is based on wholesome foods, eaten in a fun and relaxed social setting.

I often find that clients have lost this intuition around food so my mission is to provide the right motivation and understanding to regain enjoyment around eating.

I have a strong clinical background in nutrition and in education, therefore am able to offer tailored 1-1 nutritional support with the vital element of client empowerment and motivation. My specialisms are in Disordered Eating and Eating Disorder Recovery plus Longevity Nutrition. I deliver lectures in Naturopathic Nutrition in both London and Brighton therefore if you are looking for an experienced nutrition lecture/speaker please get in touch. Additionally I design bespoke events and workshops to suit client needs, my Cleanse courses run regularly throughout the year. See my blog for further information on these.

I provide nutrition and lifestyle content and articles plus menu design. Please visit the CONTACT page to connect or the EVENTS page to see what's on.