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Anti-Ageing Wellbeing Workshop

  • Marram Trading Cafe 113 High Street Hurstpierpoint BN9 9UP (map)

Why do we age and can we slow the process down? A fascinating topic as we are all heading in that direction – if we are lucky! Wrinkles, stiff joints and grey hairs; it’s all happening but at what pace?

Researchers do not agree on the causes of aging. Some claim our genes are programmed to deteriorate, wither and die, while others believe that the accumulation of damage, some of which is self-inflicted, is at the root of our senescence.

So, is it all to late? Is the damage done or can we push the pause button by understanding more what the triggers to accelerated ageing are. In which case, can we use enhanced nutrition, careful exercise and further our social connections to live well into old age?

In this workshop we will talk through the various theories of ageing and put together a plan which will at least allow us to feel we have a directive role in the process.

The Blue Zones will also be touched upon. It’s an area which I love to study as we can learn so much from this research. These are regions of the world where people live much longer than average. The term first appeared in the November 2005 National Geographic magazine cover story "The Secrets of a Long Life" by Dan Buettner, an explorer and educator. Buettner has identified five geographic areas where people live statistically longest: Okinawa; Sardinia; Nicoya; Icaria and among the Seventh-day Adventists in Loma Linda, California. His studies enable us to understand, by collating evidence from these 5 areas, the collective factors which have the potential to enhance longevity.

We will discuss more than nutritional techniques but consider longevity on a wider scale and question whether as a UK based society we can emanate any of the Blue Zones life enriching strategies.

I’ll be serving Matcha Green Tea Age-Well cake and Fresh Turmeric Tea.

Booking is essential as we only have 15 places. Please contact OR book directly at Marram Trading

Fee - £20 per person

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